Here we go again…

Hello friends. As the post above says, here we go again. I’m going to make a real effort to blog more often. Things have really really changed over the last year or so since my last post. I didn’t delete the post just because its relevant to my life.

2010 was honestly, a year filled with more bad than good. I have a ton to share. I lost everything trying a business. I moved out. Mindstorm? Gone. Health? Up and down. Self imposed silence and blocking out of friends? You betcha.

While I get my thoughts sorted out, feel free to hit me up on the twitter (@digitaldrivel).

Much love to all,



Nothing motivates like the preservation of life…

New item on my already stretched agenda is to find a new place to live.  There were shots fired next door tonight – came home to the entire block being cordoned off. I’ve always kinda felt just ‘whatever’ about our place. Its always been cozy, and just right for us, but there have been some changes over the last 18-20 months that have changed how I feel.

We had a new landlord take over our property 2 years ago. Who? Local people would know him as the guy whose last name is what you serve your dinner on… He raised the rent saying he made “improvements” (ie: new windows and central air, but not really… the old landlord did it as part of the sale) and for upkeep – yet it took several calls to get our basement fixed (water leaks from when he did “upgrades” to the other apartment), does nothing about vandalism and parking issues, and now this.

He “upgrades” apartments when tenants move out, and since we have lived here for 9 years, he hasn’t done a thing to our place and has flat out said he wouldn’t do anything for us.

There was a reason we didn’t rent from him 9 years ago…and now we’re stuck with him until we can find better digs.